I get my IP address from DHCP server just fine, but server.available fails all the time

I have just received a new W5100 shield for UNO 3, set it all up, and my DHCP server provides me with a correct IP when running a client sketch.

However, trying the client (using the Windows 10 TELNET client) I get my IP, but never connect to the shield.

When trying the example Server Sketch, I put in my own local IPv4 IP address, and it confirms that the server address is indeed identified in the monitor. However, again typing into my browser gets no response at all. Not even a #404 Clearly, both the web server sketch and the dhcpchatserver sketch never receive a response to server.available()

Is this because the shield board is faulty, or can you explain what I need to do to get it working ?. My RJ45 goes directly to a BT hub 5 HI volume (50 Mbit’s) router that provides my DHCP service (which clearly works)


  1. Where is buy W5100 ethernet shield?

Please send buy site link.

  1. Are you using arduino.cc ? arduino.org?

If you arduino.cc, access to below link and driver download.

If you arduino.org, using Ethernet2 library try again.

Thank you