Broadcast to WIZ550io & Arduino DUE


I’m using the WIZ550io with Arduino DUE. TCP/UDP Communication from PC to Arduino works fine.
But I need help with Broadcast messaging. How to implement a broadcast messages receiver?
I’m sending a broadcast message from a PC on the network but the Arduino is not getting anything.
Can anybody give some guidelines or code snippet?


First, you need broadcast? It is access same network inside PC and Arduino.

representative code is DHCP.

you refer to arduino DHCP code. (you coding receiver part)

Are you using It is refer to below Ethernet library.

If you above arduino IDE version 1.5, using Arduino IDE 1.5.x/Ethernet.

It is not, using Arduino IDE 1.0.x/Ethernet.

Code is not provided.

Thank you

Hi davide,
I’ve bought Wiz500io for the connection with Arduino Due. You said that you were able to connect it to the board for communication between arduino and pc. Could you say to me all the pin connections between the two and which library have you used? I’m having problems connecting the two, receiving an IP of and i need to open an udp communication!
Thank you very much