Failure to connect to WIZ105SR if it is receiving serial data?


I am using a WIZ105SR in a test fixture. My configuration works well; I have had no troubles with the configuration tool. I gave the WIZ105SR a static IP address and it is serially connected to an embedded part. I have a tcpClient application I made that connects to the WIZ105SR. I am able to connect to the WIZ105SR 100% of the time (and communicate with the embedded part) when the embedded part is not transmitting serial data at the same time (no problem), but when I try to connect to the WIZ105SR with my tcpClient and at the same time my embedded part is transmitting data, it fails everytime.

Q1: Is this a known problem → that the WIZ105SR will not accept TCP clients if it is receiving serial data?
(if yes) → Is there a work around or solution?
(if no ) → Could there be something else causing my issue that I am not aware of?

The only alternative I have at the moment is to disable transmitting on the embedded part (by default) until I have connected and then enable transmitting upon connection.

As with many people, I am on a deadline.
Thanks to anyone who can help!