Wiz105sr cannot get address using DHCP

I am using wiz105sr module with dhcp enabled. Sometimes module is able to get address using DHCP and sometimes it keeps on failing (DHCP timeout).
I checked the wireshark logs and found that the module keeps on sending BOOTP messages. In wireshark it says "Unknown BOOTP message type (182 or some other values) [malformed Packet].
I am not able to attach wireshark logs (its not allowed on the forum) so i am attaching a screenshot.

I restarted the module as well as my modem but still it can get the IP address.

Wiznet module has the MAC address starting “00:08:dc”, but your capture file display other MAC address.
Please check it again with filtering correct MAC address.

please see the attach file. It contains the watch window and the data returned by wiznet module. It shows mac address as de:4b:70:a2:03:48.

I was getting the same mac address in wiznet config tool as well. I am not able to connect to wiznet module now so cant take the screenshot.

Wiznet ppl please reply.

Sorry for late response.
If you don’t get the mac address as “00:08:DC:XX:XX:XX”, Maybe, WIZ105SR is broken.
So I guess WIZ105SR doesn’t work correctly.
You need to request RMA.
Please contact seller.
They will tell you procedure to request RMA.

Only the mac address is not coming correctly. All other settings are fine. Isn’t there any way to restore the mac address without RMA. I know the original MAC address as mentioned in the sticker on the module. This happened when I upgraded the firmware of the module. I need to have another solution as this can happen to any module and everytime asking for RMA is not a feasible solution.

Sorry, But unfortunately there is no way to recover mac address for WIZ100/105/110SR by yourself.

While browsing through Wiznet Q&A section(on wiznet.co.kr) I found a post “Can not find WIZ105SR via Network (IIM Ver : STD)” in which the mac address was lost and instructions were given to restore the mac address.

Isnt there instructions to restore the mac address in this case.

The WIZ100/105/110SR shows message as “IIM Ver : STD” when deleted mac region of internal flash.
In this case, the mac address is deleted by unknown causes.
But there is no way to delete mac region of internal flash by yourself.

Well this means we cannot use this module for field purpose.
Is there any module for which we can solve the flash related problems at our end?

I recommend WIZ107SR module.
The WIZ107SR module is possible to recover mac address using EVB and WIZISP.
Sorry for the inconvenience to use.

What is wizISP?

The WIZISP is the Flash Programmer.
The WizISP Flash Programmer application can be used to download binary/hexadecimal code to the internal memory of W7100/W7100A.
It also can deletion or flashing the data flash.
The W7100/W7100A is main MCU of WIZ107SR.