WizFi210-EVAL Board does not respond

Hi Everyone,
I recently acquired a WizFi210-EVAL board with the intention to learn how to use the WizFi210. As the board uses old RS-232 I got an old PC (WinXP) with a DB9 port an connected it to the board using Hyperterminal. When I turn the board on I can see the blue lights flashing, and immediately after, I receive an “[ERROR]” message displayed on Hyperterminal. I have read on the forum that this is normal, and happens because the program inside WIZFI210 is trying to connect to the AP following the demo that the board brings with it. The problem I have is that I receive no response. For example, if I type AT and hit enter, y receive no response. I have tried using the WizSmartScript wizard option, but it fails in the first step “Find WizFi”, returning “AT Command Error”.

Does anyone know why is this happening?


I think that Rx mode is normally operation, but Tx mode is malfunction.
So, I recommend change another Rs232 to USB cable to you, not DB9 port.
For reference I usually use kw-825 from Netmate for test nowadays.


I’ll try using a kw-825 cable.
Thank you Cliff.