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WizFi210-EVAL Board using USB

Hi everyone,
I’m experiencing some trouble trying to handle the WizFi210-EVAL board… I don’t know whether it is a port malfunction, or something I’m missing about configuration… The case is I had to “resurrect” and old PC just to use its DB9 RS232 port and Hyperterminal. I was wondering, do you use USB instead of RS232 with a USB-232 converter? If so, which one? I have had bad experiences with USB to 232 converters… none of them seemed to work! So if you are using one with this board, please let me know. Also I would like to know about an alternative to Windows Hyperterminal, that seems to have been eliminated from windows distributions since Windows Vista.

Thanks in advance.


Nowadays, I usually use kw-825 from Netmate for test.
And I recommend Hercules instead of Hyperterminal to you.


I’ll try the cable and Hercules.

Thank you Cliff.

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