AX1 as Server to test Telnet client Example, Arduino DUE


I have an Arduino DUE+ ioshieldA, and I’m finding problems to test Arduino as TCP/IP client.

I am powering Arduino DUE from my laptop with the USB. My first doubt is if it is enough power?

I want to test the Arduino Telnet client Example, with application AX1.
I set AX1 to listen at port 3000.

AX1 connect to Arduino if it ils listening and Arduino is reprogram. In this case it is connected and I’m able to send a packet.

But, in the moment I open the Serial Monitor, AX1 gives error: Data Invalid.
And from this moment event reseting it doesn’t connect any more.
Any guess?


DUE + ioshieldA serial monitor output is normal operate?

First, please checking IP setting from wiz550io(ioshieldA)

If you don’t know, use arduino example web server(basic) code.

File → example → ethernet → webserver

If normal operate, Please checking telnet client code.

AX1 is basically Loopback TEST tool.

Thank you