Using W5300 with Virtex6 FPGA

I’m designing a FPGA based boards that will use W5300 as TCP/IP controller. The FPGA is of Xilinx Virtex 6 family.
My problem is that the Virtex 6 has no 3.3 I/O interface an it’s maximum I/O voltage is 2.5v.

I want to know

  1. can I connect W5300 to Virtex 6 with out any level shifter?
  2. Do you have other TCP/IP controller that supports 2.5v I/O interface?

According to W5300’s DC characteristics(refer to datasheet page 119),
You can connect W5300 board to your board.
But we does’nt recommanded this connection for board stability.
We recommand to use voltage shifter.


One consideration is that your board can input W5300’s 3.3V output?
In other words, W5300 can input your input 2.5V.
But I wonder your board can input W5300 output 3.3V ?