Packet loss rate

I am only using TCP. I do not expect it to be absolute reliable.
But what would be packet loss rate if it is wired 100Mbps fast connection ?

hello, Iby9579

Thank you for your question.

W5300 is the fastest chip in W5000 series.

And the PHY in W5300 supports 10/100BaseTX.

So, it is hard to loss packet with 100FDX(HDX).

Could you do explain more about the problem?

It will so helpful.

Thank you.

TCP is layer 4 of the communication model, packet loss may occur in any of layers 1, 2, 3 or 4, and within some device on the network. You should not talk about specific device “packet loss” characteristic as it depends on all devices on the packet’s route, and on the architecture of the network.

But there’s one thing which may be attributed to the specific devices - the way they handle issues in the communication over the network. From my experience W5xxx series work well in medium-loaded networks with no faulty devices, however if there’s a device misbehaving, if there’s a packet storm or packets get out of sequence then chip may stop function properly. See my post [url]Attention - fatal issue [TCP Previous segment not captured]] about it.