Max steady data transfer rate

I only use TCP with 16 bits data directly from FPGA.
Other side is 100Mbps Ethernet wired connection.
Now what would be the max steady data transfer rate if I put on 80 MHz clock? how about 48MHz clock ?

hello, Iby9579

Thank you for your interests in W5300.

In deed, I do not know specific data transfer rate on 80MHz and 48MHz.

But I could find some tests on other clocks. so, I share it here.

  1. On STM32F429 180MHz, the data transfer rate is possible to be 37MHz.
  2. On TMS320F28335 150MHz, the data transfer rate is possible to be 28MHz.
  3. On ARM9 2410 KIT, the data transfer rate is possilbe to be 45MHz.
  4. On ATmega128 8MHz, the data transfer rate is possilbe to be 2.6MHz

I hope upper cases is helpful for your want. And so sorry that I could not give you the specific infromation.

Thank you

To resolve this issue, you first need to clarify the issue. The FPGA seems to be trying to connect to the network through the W5300. Is that right?

  1. What is the interface to transfer data to?
  2. How much speed do you need?
    Please let us know if you can use the W5300 chip for this problem.
    How do I test and test the W5300 board?
  3. Scenarios you want to test with W5300EVB.
  4. Current test environment (network environment)

Answer the above questions.

with STM32F429 we get from matlab >80Mbps for RX, and around 48Mbps for TX ( to respect of W5300)

with visual basic app, i get constant 4.375MBps (35Mbps) ( Rx and Tx. ( buffer size to get Tx performance is >300x8b, while for Rx is 60000x8b)

I am creating tutorial for youtube for W5300 that is connected to STM32F429 running at 250MHz. Just note i get same speed with 150-200MHz speed on mcu, so limiting factor is computer. While i am using USB 3.0 LAN adapter capable 1Gbps

Search for W5300 Tutorial on youtube from Kilohercas in next 2 days.