Rewrite firmware from microSD

is it possible to upload new firmware to w7500 from microSD?
Are there any examples available?
Thank you.

Speaking with myself: is it possible to add secondary bootloader to update certain part of firmware?
I can put my code to SD via LAN.
Then I should activate IAP writer and update firmware.
How to protect IAP writer and locate area to be updated?
Is it possible to realize ideas from AN10866?

Managed to reflash w7500 with secondary bootloader though not in very bulletproof way:

  1. Made 2 projects:
    • main application (code residing from 0x00000)
    • flasher (code residing from 0x1B000)
  2. Merged 2 hex files into one bin file.
  3. Flashed this file to my W7500 using usual ISP
  4. Got another copy of main application hex file from remote server via internet.
  5. Converted it to bin file and wrote to SD card
  6. Jumped from main application to flasher.
  7. Wrote data from SD card to W7500 starting 0x0000 using IAP.
  8. Made hardware reset
  9. Newly flashed W7500 is functioning !!!