MQTT using wiz820io on mbed

I’ve been trying to build the above without success.
I tried a simple example of using the WIZnet_Library and that works OK.
To get this working over MQTT I tried importing IBMIoTClientEthernetExample_WIZnet which is close to what I want to do.
However, this throws a number of fatal errors which appear to be due to changes since this example was created. e.g.
e.g. Error: No default constructor exists for class “EthernetInterface” in “MQTT/MQTTEthernet.h”, Line: 24, Col: 6
Does anyone have a working example that I can use as a starting point?

PS. The other example using WizNet and MQTT “MQTTw7500” throws the same error. It could be that the WizNet Library has changed.