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Loose some PING!

Dear all,

we use the WIZFI250 module as web server (and some UDP sockets open too for different features).
our application seem running as expected “when all right”.
time to time, the WIZFI250 module seem unreachable. we don’t understand the real problem !

to try to find the problem, we run a “stress test” : we run a batch that continuous PING the WIZFI250;
time to time, some PING reply are loose. ( the AP is about 1 meter from the module !), all PING tests to all others devices run perfectly.

Please any advice ? any configuration to add with the module ?

thanks, best regards


First of all, sorry for the delay.

Generally, “loose ping” problem is affected by RF conditions regardless of module.
So I have to give you a basic answer.

  1. general way.
  2. whether on other Antennas.
  3. whether on other Routers.

Even in the above, check if the same problem occurs.

thanks, best regards.

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