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UDP differences between products


I’m using 3 different products:

  1.  Wiz107sr
  2.  Wiz105sr
  3.  Wiz125sr

All of three are set to UDP mode, listening on port 21928.

All of three have no Peer IP Address set, they are as ( Only need the modules to receive a UDP Datagram.

From the ethernet side, I’m using IPMIDI software on a PC. This software – protocol, send UDP data as multicast, using address on port: 21928.

All devices connected through a managed switch, with IGMP “DISABLE”, and using wireshark, I can see that the multicast data from PC is actually getting to all the ports on the switch, so technically this data is being broadcast to all the ports because IGMP is disable.

Wiz105sr and Wiz125sr receive the data without problem and pass it to serial.

Wiz 107sr does not. I’m using rev 1.4 with the latest firmware install. I’ve notice on this forums, that with firmware 4.03 and up, the module only accept packets from the remote/peer ip address. So I put the ip address of the sending PC in that field. That didn’t work. On wireshark I see the correct UDP packet from PC ipaddress to destination, which as mention before, is getting to all the ports of the switch as a broadcast.

Try using broadcast ip on remote ip field ( with no luck.

Module is working find, tested looping rx & tx pins, and sending UDP messages directly to the IP of the module is fine.

If I send a packet from PC to broadcast Ip address, the module received the packet just fine.

Why 107sr work different from 105sr and 125sr?

Is possible to set up the 107sr to respond as 105/125 does?


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