W5500 receiving frames in MAC_RAW looped back to itself

I am sending multicast frames in MAC_RAW to a management port on a Marvell network switch and I want to be able to receive the same frames that I send to detect loops in the network. I have implemented spanning tree and it works fine when loops are made with multiple switches with spanning tree support, but when two ports on the same switch is looped either directly on the switch or through “non managed” switches, the MAC_RAW frames is not received by the W5500. I have verified that the frames egresses the switch on the port towards the W5500.

Does anyone have any idea on how to tell the W5500 to receive frames sent by itself?

The only idea I want to test now is to filter the frame in the switch and change its source address, but I have a feeling that there is something easier I can do in the W5500.

hello, icsys

did you check the destination mac is the same as w5500 source mac?

in mac raw mode, check the destination mac address.

please consider the destination mac address

thank you