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WIZ110SR Problem on startup

i am testing two WIZ110SR connected together with a ethernet cable to make a TCP/IP bridge between two serial ports.
Almost everything works flawlessy, we are very happy of this system but we still experience a problem:
-When i turn on the boards, the boards show no connection link on the status led of the ethernet port (one ethernet cable between the two boards), serial activity is coming to the first board but it seems like dead.
If i connect for a moment an ethernet cable coming from a switch to the board, the board suddenly turns on the ethernet connector activity led and from that moment it will start to work perfectly when i switch back to the previous connection.
I hope my explanation is clear, please advice, if you can advice to solve this problem we will start to use these boards on our products.
PS: firmware version is the latest i found on website and both boards are experiencing this behaviour.

Best Regards
Miroglio Paolo

I not understand…

First, when you turn on board, are you don’t connection lan cable?

If i correct saying, your said is wrong.

It is normal operation.

If before turn on board, when connected serial cable and lan cable when occur this problem It is problem. It is need checking the board.

Thank you.

Hello, Miroglio Paolo.

I have tested what you configure.
Like below.

Is this what you want?
If it is correct, the LED is turned on as you see it.

I recommend that you change the cable or give some more information (photo etc).

To help you with your testing, share the environment I tested below.
When two boards are A and B respectively, A is set to Server and B is set to Client.

If you enter server network information(remote address & remote port) in client, it will connect automatically when two devices are connected.
Of course, the local ip address of both boards must be different.
That is, the client must have a different remote ip address and local ip address.

You may already know, but leave information to emphasize once again.

And the picture below is the information and the results I tested.

I hope that helps.

Best Regards,

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