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Easier batch programming of WIZ107SR

I churn through quite a few WIZ107SR-TTL modules for some light-duty production work. Programming/provisioning is kind of a royal pain using the WIZ107SR utility. It seems to not like Windows 10 (can’t find any devices), so I’m using a Windows XP machine to run it.

Though our config is always the same, I have to connect each module to power and Ethernet (understandable, but wiring, utility limitations, and lack of Eth cables leaves us doing 3 at a time), scan for devices, click a device, provide its IP settings, then provide its Serial settings, click “Setting” button to save it, then go to the next one, “rinse and repeat” for each module.

The utility also slows us down as it re-scans the network after each click of “Setting” - and sometimes the settings don’t stick (it goes back to static IP, or drops the UDP settings, etc), so we always go and rescan, then double-check each module config tab by tab.

It’d be nice to have a more automated way to do this. I’m pretty good at stringing together systems, but haven’t had much time to research it… is there a better way? Preferably something that can select multiple devices on a “scan”, then send the same config to each one of them? (I think the protocol specifies that config is sent the same way as scanning, through a UDP broadcast… so this should be pretty easy…? Eh, but developing a new tool… time spent doing so… oyyy :confused: )


I’m answer for you.

Thank you for your opinion.

First, WIZ107SR possible to window 10 environments. We checked this test.

And, What use config tool version? last version is (too version OK)

I think, you possible choissing two options.

  1. UDP broadcast
    -> It is possible send to same network area. and receive to response message from same network area on device.

  2. TCP 1:1 communication.
    -> I think, TCP mode is fast more than UDP because UDP is sending all network area.

So, I’m request to test for you. To TCP, UDP test.

Thank you.

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