Building a board with W5300 need to select a crystal/oscillator

I am designing a board with the W5300 chip and I am having a hard time finding a crystal/oscillator that meets the specifications outlined in the data sheet. I would like to get a fairly robust clock source because these boards will see a fair amount of extended mechanically noising environment and would like the Ethernet to continue to function. So any recommendations would be great.

If I used an Oscillator (Part number recommendations?)
Oscillator question
I noticed that in order to use an oscillator I would need to connect it to XTLP and leave the XTLN floating. I noticed that it is recommended to use a 1.8V clock, is there a range that will work?
Also can I use the 1.8V power regulated from the W5300 chip or do I need a dedicated regulator?
I would prefer to drive the clock from my FPGA but it has a 3.3V output would this be in the functioning range?


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As you know, OSC must be supplied by 1.8V.

The Best case is supplying 1.8V to OSC from regulator.

But if it is hard to make 1.8V on your FPGA, (it is not recommanded), you can use 1.8V output as a power for OSC from W5300.

And only for OSC, not the others.

You can check more details with below link


This link gives you the schematic ref files.


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@jefarro Did you get a good oscillator in the end. I am having trouble with our design currently.
I have tried the Abracon ASE3 1.8V Oscillator with ref schematic option 2 for internal Phy.
I assume the chip is not clocking, (although I am not sure how to tell?) because when I read any address I just get the MR default value 0xB800.

could you share your design?
First we can check the design then check the interface.

Thank you

I can perhaps share parts of the design, but most of it is under NDA. Is there a private support email I can perhaps use rather than a public forum?
I prototyped with the WIZ830MJ module connected to a Nucleo-H743ZI board and based my design on the reference schematics for each; other than switching from a crystal (part number was not specified in any of the documents and I could not find a suitable crystal using a parametric search on digi-key, farnell, rscomponents etc. based on the details in your spec sheet). I used your option 2 in the ref schematics for an oscillator instead using the ASE3 mentioned previously and I can see the clock output on an oscilloscope, but the W5300 doesn’t seem to respond properly.

Dear @CZEMacLeod

Can you send me the design file? Image files that are not original files are also fine.

We can analyze it only if you send us the file.

Thank you

I have sent you a couple of emails now, but no acknowledgement or response…