TCP communication freezes after a while on W7500P


I established an TCP client-server communication with a WIZwiki-W7500P and PC, but the W7500P freezes after some time.

The WIZwiki is the client who connect on the server side (PC - Linux). The server sends 1000 bytes each 200 ms.
After transfer about 1 MB transferred the communication and the board freezes.

The client WIZwiki-W7500P code:

int main() {
    int phy_link;
    pc.printf("Wait a second...\r\n");
    uint8_t mac_addr[6] = {0x00, 0x08, 0xDC, 0x00, 0x01, 0x02}; 
    EthernetInterface eth;
    eth.init(mac_addr); //Use DHCP
        phy_link = eth.ethernet_link();
    pc.printf("IP Address is %s\r\n", eth.getIPAddress());
    TCPSocketConnection sock;
    int ret = sock.connect("", 8080);
    char buffer[1024];
    while (true) {
        ret = sock.receive(buffer, sizeof(buffer));          
        pc.printf("Received from server: %d\n\r", ret);

The server Linux:

while(1){ n = write(childfd, buf, 1000); if (n < 0) error("ERROR writing to socket"); usleep(1000*200); }

Any idea? Does the W7500P IOP implements congestion control?

Environment: mbed

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hello, joaopaulob

could you capture the packets through wireshark?

in tcp communication, it is easy way to check the packet flow.


if you do not know how to use wireshark, please ask any thing.

thank you

I have faced a similar issue and the error was happening because the MCU socket was closing due to a timeout. Wireshark should help a lot and if the problem is in the W7500P side, then I would suggest you to use a debug snippet like this one:

void debug_socketSN(uint8_t sn) {
		printf("WZTOE_Sn_RX_RSR: %d\r\n",(*(volatile uint32_t *)WZTOE_Sn_RX_RSR(sn)));
		printf("WZTOE_Sn_RXBUF_SIZE: %d\r\n",(*(volatile uint32_t *)WZTOE_Sn_RXBUF_SIZE(sn)));
		printf("WZTOE_Sn_RX_RD: %d\r\n",(*(volatile uint32_t *)WZTOE_Sn_RX_RD(sn)));
		printf("WZTOE_Sn_RX_WR: %d\r\n",(*(volatile uint32_t *)WZTOE_Sn_RX_WR(sn)));
		printf("WZTOE_Sn_SR: 0x%x\r\n",(*(volatile uint32_t *)WZTOE_Sn_SR(sn)));

hope this helps.

Thank you, pherig

It is right.

These codes are helpful to know the tcp data flow.

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Thank you very much