W7500P Slow I/O


I’m doing some tests with I/O speed on W7500P and I am achieving only 2MHz on the following code:

DigitalOut myled(PC_8);

int main() {

*(volatile uint32_t *)(0x41001014) = 0x0060100; // set to 48 MHz

while(1) {
    *(volatile uint32_t *)0x44000000 |= 0x100; // IO high
    *(volatile uint32_t *)0x44000000 &= 0xEFF; // IO low

} [/code]

If the core clock is 48 MHz, how much is the FSB? Is there any way to speed up the I/O transition? I’m implementing a 16bit display and need faster I/O.

Environment: mbed and WIZwiki-W7500P

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hello, joaopaulob

thank you for your interest in w7500p

I am not sure you test with st micro or other mcu.

even st micro mcu has no support over 2MHz gpio speed.

I do not no what you want to do with gpio but I think any mcu could not suppert it.

thank you