Connecting to WIZ105SR from different Gateway



      I am successfully able to send messages to WIZ105SR from different PC's in the same gateway using the "Device Terminal" program. However, I am not able to do so using PC's in different gateways. 

     How can I send messages from remote PC?




Did you ping to WIZ105SR from remote PC?
And did it success?
If you didn’t success to ping, You need to check your network environments.



I am able to successfully ping from my home PC but cannot ping from a remote PC. The IP address that I have set for WIZ105SR is not visible from outside. I need to be able to get to my router and then to WIZ105SR. I just dont know how to go about doing this?



Both devices must have a public IP address.
Please check the IP address of both devices(WIZ105SR and Remote PC).
If you mean the router is residential gateway, maybe your router has a public IP address.
And your router gives private IP address to WIZ105SR.
In this case, set the port forwarding option of your router.


Thanks! I have enabled port forwarding and it works great!

Thanks again.