WIZ 105-SR: Sending data to database

I have a serical device connected to the 105-SR and I want the 105-SR to send the received data to a database.

Does the 105-SR support HTML Commands in any way? Is there a possibilty to directly send out a GET or POST to the server?



Hi, David.

If what I understand is correct, do you want to transfer data from Serial to a database via Ethernet?
And do you want to convert that data to HTML and send it?

From the conclusion, it is not supported.
105SR is Serial to Ethernet, it only converts serial data to TCP / IP or UDP format and sends it.

If you want to use the function to convert general data to HTML, you need to create your own modules using WIZnet Chip Driver, or add functions using Open Source based WIZ550SR, WIZ550S2E, etc.

The easiest way, if possible, you only need to receive serial data as HTML format data.

Thank you.