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Controlling Connection Status/Channel

I’m trying to identify the memory cell within the W5500 processor which controls the CONNECTiViTY STATE acquired by the socket. Could anyone please advise how can we identify (monitor) that CONNECTiON STATE? I’ve studied W5500 datasheet (Ver. 1.0.6), however it does not explicitly specify in which REGiSTER (or REGiSTERS) the assigned BiTS are, which identify the CONNECTiViTY STATE via the SOCKET. There are no examples on this subject. I’m trying to establish this parameter in order to re-write the programme.
I need to be able CONTROL the STATE of the CONNECTiON (identify whether the cell address is connected via socket or not). In a typical LAN IP connectivity link, connection is established by addressing the given IP via the right SOCKET. Once this link is established the channel is OPEN. There are 1 to 65535 socket addresses. The IC can maintain 8 connections at one time. I only need two connections. There are REGiSTERS in which I can write the numbers of sockets (i.e. any between 1…65535). There must somewhere be a REGISTER in which there is information on whether a given socket has been OPENed by the Address and whether it’s maintaining this link. :confused:
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Register is called

Thank you for the input. :bulb:

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