W7500 + phy ksz8041mll


We’re design a board with W7500 + PHY KSZ8041MLL because the IP101A don’t sell on american market.
Could you point me which files should I modify in order to make the PHY work?

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refer to below link. (below link is KSZ8041MLL chip information.)


And refer Design Guides title. It is provide Schematic.

And W7500 reference guide refer to below link.

wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=pro … 00:ref_sch

I think, we are no have KSZ8041MLL reference guide.

So, we no give you guide.

We just provide little advice.

Thank you

We have successfully added the KSZ8041MLL to the W7500.

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Hi Sir,

We are also Designing The W7500+KSZ8041TL/FTL , Can You please share your design for Our reference.:slightly_smiling_face:
It Will be Helpful to us.

What is you email?

sorry for the late reply…sir

email : temc@efftronics.com

Thank you so much for your valuable response.