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Why is center tap connected to VCC?

Hello! Looking at the W5500 reference schematics, I was wondering why the center tap of the transformer (TXCT) is connected to VCC? What would happen if it would be connected to GND?

Also, can such a schematic be used for W5500?
practicalarduino.com/freetro … ksheet.pdf

TXCT need VCC or GND Centertap. because it is operation condition of inside PHY of W5500.

so, you must be connect center tap to VCC and GND.

and then W5100 and W5500 is not pin to pin.

you should make new board.

You was upload linked schematic, it is just refer information.

I think, recommand W5500 reference schematic.

and then refer to below link. it is our W5500 ehternet shield.

wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=osh … ield:start

Thank you

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