Send Serial Port Data to Multicast IP

Dear all, i want to configure the serial port to send the receiving data to a multicast Ip like and port 5000 for example. How is this possible ? Has anyone the OS(linux) source code to change this ?
I don’t want to send the data to specified ip but i want to multicast.!

Hello Clouca

Yes, you can send the data to a multicast IP.

  1. First, you need to serial-configuration-page as below.
    [Serial Port #1]
    Protocol : UDP
    Mode : Client
    Server IP :
    Server Port : 5000

  2. According your network diagram, you need to change the route-table.
    If you send the multicast packet to a local machine(, you need to change the route-table.
    You can do that with command.

ex) <ORroute add -net netmask dev br0>
(This example is just for a specific conditions. This depends on WizFi630’s operation mode and network diagram.)

Now, you can transfer a data from UART to several-network-machines with multicast packet.


I too am trying to send multicast packets using WIZFI630.

I’ve set the UDP client up for my address and port of choice but what do you mean by using the OR command to set route table? Is the route table you’re referring to in my router? This isn’t something set on the WIZFI630 is it?

hi jkellar.

if you want to send multicast packet using WizFi630. You need to set up a route table in WizFi630’s Linux shell.

OR command is used for setting up a route table in Wizfi630 using Serial input.

if you want to type a command in Wizfi630’s shell like below.

  • “route add -net netmask dev br0”

you can type a ORcommand using Serial interface like below.

  • “<ORroute add -net netmask dev br0>”

Hi WizDaniel,

Very interesting. Is there any documentation or instructions on getting to and using the Linux shell on the Wizfi630? Also, for the serial port string you mentioned with the OR command can you explain in more detail how I’d actually apply that. I found nothing of these things in any documentation I have for the module. The serial port OR command seems the most straightfoward since I have direct interface into that. I’d like to know more about this as it would benefit our current use of the module greatly. Please explain.


hi jkellar

you can connect WizFi630’s shell using Telnet when WizFi630 was set up.

and… we just provide forwarding Serial Command to Shell when you type “<OR” and “>”

Utilization of shell skill depends on you.

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