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Accessing data via Web Browser

Hello all,

I have come very far since my last/first post. I can successfully send TCP data from my W5500 containing XML code to the client whenever the client sends data to my chip. Thus far I have been using Packet Sender as a TCP client.

I would like to be able to display my data/XML on a webpage when a user on my LAN enters in my device’s IP address. Currently when I enter my device’s IP address into a browser, while the device’s socket is in listen mode, the device does not receive any data, and thus also does not reply with data. Any kind of data sent to my device triggers a response back with data. I plan to use a simple implementation where refreshing the page (of my device’s ip address) triggers a connect request, device sends data, disconnects. Repeat.

Can someone please guide me to how I can use a browser as a TCP client, and then send my XML data back to the client so it can be displayed on a web page?

Seems your problem is related to implementing web server in your device? There should be libraries available, and datasheet should well explain how to implement server side on W5500.

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