Wiz110sr configuration


I have recently purchased Wiz110sr module.
My connection settings are as :

Local IP: : 5000
subnet :
Server IP: : 5000
Operation Mode: Mixed


Inactivity Time:0
Data Packing Condition:

Enable Serial Debug Mode : False

I have connected my wiz110sr module’s ethernet to my switch.
i have an usb to serial convertor cable and connected to the serial port of the module.
My pc’s ip is :

i opened two device terminal’s and connected one to serial port and another to module ip.
i can connect to the module but when sending the data nothing happens.

Where am i wrong? is any other settings to be done before?

Thanks in advance…


Your configuration looks good.
With your explanation, I can’t guess what made that module not working.

You can make a TCP connection from an application on you PC to the WIZ110SR module, right?
If so, you could have communicated successfully,
I doubt there is another device having same IP address in the same network.

How about connecting the module to your PC directly without the switch?
And can you capture ethernet packets between WIZ110SR and your PC with wireshark.exe which is a free software?
If you share the capture file, then it will help us figure out the reason.

Thank you.



i send “hello world” to the module.
Following is the response.

24 77.035102 TCP 60 [TCP Keep-Alive] 2000 → 56085 [PSH, ACK] Seq=0 Ack=12 Win=2048 Len=1

0000 00 08 dc 4e 9c 8a 50 b7 c3 68 1b a0 08 00 45 00 …N…P…h…E.
0010 00 33 11 d4 40 00 80 06 00 00 c0 a8 37 e7 c0 a8 .3…@…7…
0020 37 e6 db 15 07 d0 ab 66 7b 42 d8 dd 14 74 50 18 7…f{B…tP.
0030 fa f0 f1 43 00 00 68 65 6c 6c 6f 20 77 6f 72 6c …C…hello worl
0040 64 d

25 77.035162 TCP 54 [TCP Keep-Alive ACK] 56085 → 2000 [ACK] Seq=12 Ack=1 Win=64240 Len=0

0000 50 b7 c3 68 1b a0 00 08 dc 4e 9c 8a 08 00 45 00 P…h…N…E.
0010 00 28 00 94 40 00 80 06 09 1e c0 a8 37 e6 c0 a8 .(…@…7…
0020 37 e7 07 d0 db 15 d8 dd 14 74 ab 66 7b 4d 50 10 7…t.f{MP.
0030 08 00 bf ca 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …

I have connected the module directly to the laptop’s ethernet port.
i have connected my usb to rs232 convertor to the rs232 port of the module.(usb side to my laptop’s usb and rs232 to the serial port of the module.)



Captured packets shows that your PC sent “hello world” and our module received it correctly.
If you can’t still see data on your serial port, then please make short between pin 2 and pin3 of DSUB 9 on WIZ110SR.
If you can see data looped back on your PC application, then you can be sure serial port of WIZ110SR working but serial cable between our module and your PC might be mismatch like direct cable.

Thank you.



I have connected the tx and rx pin of the rs232 in the module.
now i can receive the same string i send through the ethernet.

i have attached the result.

but when i connect the rs232 to my pc , i could not receive the strings,



Thanks for your kind reply,

but i have checked the cable seperately by same principle, by shorting the tx and rx pin,
it works,

waiting for your reply,

Thanks for your timely helpful reply.
I found out the problem.
It was due to the RS232 Gender Changer i was using.
It is a Straight Through NOT A NULL MODEM.
I am connecting as follows:
USB to RS232 - Male → RS232 Female to Female → WIZ110SR’s RS232 Port.
But i should be using a NULL Modem cable or a NULL Modem Gender Changer.
Since both the Transmit and Receive lines are straightly connected, i could not receive the datas.
When i manually interconnected the transmit and receive lines, it worked properly.

Thanks once again.

I have attached the problematic gender changer here. If any body comes through this type of problem, please rectify it.

I’m pleased to hear that you found the reason and the solution. :smiley:

Thank you.