Some basic questions about Wiz550Web


I recently ordered some units , but I’m still waiting for delivery.
I have some (stupid) questions in advance, I can not find the answers in the WIZNET docs.

Q1. Is there already a basic web server programed , so I can instantly use the module (after ETH settings) to
control IO pins ?
Q2. Do I need SD card support in case of Q1?
Q3. Is it possible to control IO pins via JSON, for example using CURL with WINDOWS?
If yes, is there a documentation about it?
If not ,is there another way to switch the pins without a client?
Q4. I have successfully compiled the WEB_BOOT and WEB_APP example with Eclipse NEON. How could I move the new
code ,after I would have modified it, on the module?
Q5. Can I connect JTAG debugger anyhow?

Would be nice if anybody could answer briefly.

Thank you very much.

Hello, roty.

Thank you for purchasing our product.
I answer your question right away.

A1. Yes. please refer to below URL

A2. Basically, we provide microSD card(4GB) with the product.
refer to [url][/url]

A3. No, Just HTTP.
Does a client mean web browser?
if yes, It does not matter if you can only keep the HTTP protocol.

A4. Please refer to TFTP Guide on [url][/url]
In this case, you should only upload APP binary files.
We also recommend that you do not modify the Boot code.
You can not use ConfigTool if there is a problem with the Boot code.

A5. No, There is no JTAC PIN.


Best regard,

Hello Kei,

Thank you very much for your quick replay.
It almost answers all my question.

Best regards