Link LED always ON

Hi all!

I have the problem with my PCB with W5500 chip installed. The problem is, the LINKLED is always on, no matter if Ethernet cable plugged in or not. The other LEDS are off. The schematic is in attachment. In difference reference design with RJ-45 jack with transformer J1B1211CCD I use jack with Wurth 7499011222A. They both have the same electrical characteristics but there is pinnig difference. I remove jack J1B1211CCD from the W550io module and solder into my PCB with account pinning differences between J1B1211CCD and 7499011222A. And all work good. I see voltage on pins 5 and 6 with 7499011222A is 3.3V and 1.8V with J1B1211CCD.
What this might be?
7499011222A.pdf (285 KB)
P-CAD EDA - [ETHERNET].pdf (27.5 KB)


I don’t know this issue problem.

I think, schematic is no problem.

I think, maybe artwork problem.

please upload to artwork file.

Thank you

Thank you all.
I found a bug. I have mounted realy 7499011121A but I was planning to use 7499011222A. They have a pinout difference.
Now it works good.