BREAK - Command (WIZ105SR ; WIZ100SR)

Dear Sirs,
I am doing my first steps, using WIZ105SR to replace a USB/serial converter (FT232RL) on a Measurement Unit.
For Production run we intend the usage of WIZ100SR.

To trigger a RESET in our Gauge, we use the BREAK-command.
Tis is supported on FT232RL

With WIZ105SR this doesn´t work.
Could you give me hints, how to generate the BREAK-Command?

TeraTerm-TCP/IP- Setup:

Thanks Matthias

Hello Matthias,

Sending BREAK command is out of scope of WIZ105SR.
All our serial to Ethernet modules including WIZ105SR just forward all data between UART and Ethernet transparently.
If you input HEX data set for BREAK command on Serial side or Ethernet side, then those will be transferred to the peer side without loss.

Tera Term has a function for sending BREAK command when it runs as serial terminal but it seems not to support it in TCP/IP mode.
I don’t know HEX code of Tera Term’s BREAK command.

But if you know it something like 0x1E, you can send it from any TCP/IP socket application supporting HEX data.
Hercules is capable of sending HEX data, I know.

I hope this is helpful to you.