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WizFi configuration as listner

My intention is to use Wizfi310 module in sense that I should occasionaly send to it (ie to UART of attached microcontroller) some text from my laptop. My environment should have wireless router.
I considered TCPServer mode and define router’s DHCP server to assign him (module) some specific IP address (which means I must present to router module’s MAC address).
Is there some other solution and if possible what should be AT commands sequence (just in sketch) ?



In that case, there is no other way.
To connect to server, WizFi310 should know specific IP address(server).


Hi Cliff. Thank you for reply, however I may be not clear enough. My intention is for some other device to occasionally “ask” device attached to WizFi310, for some information. It seems to me that module should be TCPServer in that case, so the other device should know it’s address (which should then probably be fixed). What I considered is putting module in AP mode or maybe I should use UDP and other device to broadcast message (in which case I don’t need to setup other device - ie no need for it to know module’s address) .
What makes me be “afraid” of TCPServer mode is if I put it in Data mode, then few device could connect to it and simultaneously send some info (ie ask for info) and data at module’s side become mixed (am I right).


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