Pin 38:42

Dear wiznet

I see that you updated the datasheet for W5500. Pin 38 to 42 is changed to NC. I’m doing a schematic and i have them tied to gnd with 10k resistors as in the old datasheet - should i change this?

And why did you make the change ?

Best regards

Hi kresten,

Those pins are tied to GND for pull-down internally and you don’t need to do pull-down on your board.
This is the reason why we’ve changed W5500 datasheet.
But, we didn’t change W5500 reference schematic which those pins are pull-downed in as you can design like that.

To make those pins pull-down or to put them NC is up to you.

Thank you.

Okay thank you - Then i do not have to change my design :slight_smile: