WIZ125SR how to differentiate the two UART

Hello everyone !

I’m using an WIZ125SR to interfacing my computer with RS232 devices. I send the command through TCP with the computer, the WIZ125SR convert it into RS232, send it to the device, and I receive the response by the reverse path. My problem is: I do I differentiate the two UARTs ? Because when the connection begin with the computer, the sockets are ok, I can send data through the two sockets, but I don’t know to who I send the command ! And my two RS232 device are not the same. When I configure the wiznet with the tool given by wiznet, I set the port and address of each device, the IP address is the same, no choice, but the port not. And that is what I want. But when I check the two sockets, the two port are random at every new connection.

Thank you for your help by advance !

Hi Mat,

In general, for products supporting multiple UARTs such as WIZ120 / 125SR, it is possible to distinguish by setting different port numbers for each UART.

If the UART has different port numbers but the data seems to be mixed, try performing a firmware update. The latest firmware of WIZ125SR is v1.4.


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