Header Pinouts on WIZ110SR?

I notice there are 5 header pins on the top of the board. Is there a reference to these pins?

This board has a built-in RS-232 port, but I just want access to the UART TX,RX pins. Are these available on the PCB? Are they available on that 5 pin header?



5 header pins are JTAG pin.
Therefore, it is difficult to use UART TX, RX pins directly.

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You just want access to the UART tx,rx signal??

if so I recommend WIZ100SR. It is use same MCU and PHY with wiz110sr.

If you want use UART TX, RX in wiz110sr, you must be soldering in RS232 chip & wire.

It is not recommend. So, I wish you use wiz100sr or other modules…

Thank you

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