Need help about Develop Environment

since I am new to eclipse , I have a problem to setup and configure Develop Environment
specially with ARM GCC 4.8.3 (2014q1) tool-chain which you re-commanded
could you help me with that or is there any guide so i can change the source code and build the BINs file without any error to meet my own needs .
thank so much
best regards


The guide document I wrote is not yet in English.

I attached a link that other developer’s guide and a link that the general GNU ARM Eclipse development environment below.

GNU ARM Eclipse Official Guide

I think it is good to refer to the Official Guide to apply it to your various situations.

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I have Englishized the Korean documents that I have already made.

Below is the link, so please see if you need it :slight_smile:

[Eclipse] GCC ARM develop environment + OpenOCD for Windows