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WizFi310 EVKit network scan and join

My first contact with EVK for Wiznet310 and few questions arose. Module shows (while scanning) two wireless networks, while my laptop (few centimeters away) shows 5 of them. Interestingly one of those the module shows doesn’t appear at laptop list. This should be first unusual matter.
Next, I successfully joined the network that only module finds, with DHCP enabled. Then I red the address assigned to module and afterwards try to ping itself but it expressed timeout (the same happened when I tried pinging assigned gateway).
I forgot to say that I am working exclusively by the help of terminal program (Hercules).


Dear djdjdjjole

Would you mind to attach a screenshot or picture that make us understand a current situation?
Then, we will try to figure out what is problem quickly.



I hope I successfully attached an image. Here, I want to add that I soon found that pinging works, and does not.
I intentionally erased the first command after reset (echo suppress) in order for picture to have enough place to show communication strings.


I noticed my error- didn’t read the lines that say AT+WJOIN=? doesn’t return actual info (but rather from memory). Then I suppose my IP is However it doesn’t reply to ping request. It seems that is not my IP address, but I don’t know what it represents in string response. In that case how can I learn it (IP address) ?


And I forgot to send screenshot of scanning process - module vs laptop.

PS I was informed that I should consider replying in one post. However don’t know whether I can attach few pictures in one post, so I did it this way.


If signal’s power is weak, it won’t be search.


First, you should check the firmware version.
You can check and download a latest version in following.

Second, you should disable to firewall related with ping.

And then try it again.

Thanks, regards.

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