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Easy/fast ethernet connection


I’m currently on a project where the big part is about an electronic board and a Spartan-6.
I need to integrate the board to another system (using something like TCP/IP, UDP…)

I was thinking about linking my Spartan-6 to a W5500 with SPI but I don’t know the fastest/easiest way to do so.

I’ll connect the system to a PC and read the informations with a terminal (to see if the informations sent are coherent).

I was thinking about using a Wiz5500io, is there another solution that seems simpler ?

Is the connection between the Spartan-6 and the board possible ?

Thanks for anyone who will enlight me.


This is design question, and it is hard to tell you what is the best in your situation.
What you describe is of course doable, easiness depends on your skills and knowledge.

Yes you link boards through SPI, and drive W5500 using your FPGA. Here you must understand that in FPGA you will need to implement SPI master circuitry, and higher level application-like circuitry to support W5500 function, in other words program which would perform W5500 programming and communication through SPI.

I am sorry it is unclear.

I am sorry it is unclear.

What I meant is, to debug (see if the whole thing is working), I’ll connect my board to my computer and with a terminal (I don’t know if it’s the word in english) I’ll check which are the data my board is sending.

Is that more clear or not?

No, not clear how you connect it (serial port? LAN?) and which data you are expected to see (whole packets? only data?) I do not think it matters much, you only need to ensure that you will be able to make your desired configuration.

Since the W5500io got a RJ45 output, I’ll do a LAN between the PC and the board.

Only the data is interesting here (what comes from the FPGA and is sent again by the W5500)

Ok, so you know how to do it, then proceed designing FPGA configuration to support W5500, and also study W5500’s datasheet. The amount of your efforts will also be defined which programming level you choose - there’re W5x00 libraries for specific platforms available, see if you can reuse them in your device.

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