WIZnet Supporter Badges have been added.


WIZnet Developer Forum has various badges that users can get according to there activities. For example, the following badges.



Now, users who are active in our forum can receive WIZNETIAN - WIZnet Supporter badges. These badges can be set to ‘Title’ of the user’s profile card. Earn new badges with active questions and activities on our forums!

The added badges and the acquisition conditions are as follows.

  • Helpdesk
    • First Accepted Answer on a Topic (reply adopted as a ‘solution’ by topic owner or staff)
  • Tech Support
    • 10 Accepted answers
  • Contributor
    • User has created 100 posts (includes replies)
  • Great Contributor
    • User has created 300 posts

The added badges will be updated on the user’s [Profile - Badges] the next day based on the achievement of the goal. For more information, please refer to our badge page.