‘Symmetrical or Asymmetrical' Transformer

Reading this forum, the advice is the magnetics need to be in a ‘Symmetrical Transformer’ arrangement.

But… I have initially based my design using this connector:

Which uses the LPJ0026GENL

The datasheet clearly shows it’s an Asymmetrical transformer.
… So I just want to check if I should change my design (it’s still possible)
Have they selected the wrong magnetics??

Symmetrical transformer is important in applications which support auto-MDI-X.

W5500’s datasheet states:

5.5.6 MDIX
W5500 does not support auto-MDIX feature.

Thus I do not think there’s a reason to change transformer type if PHY is properly operational with your chosen one.

The device is going to be plugged into a switch (which supports auto-MDIX)
They will probably use a patch cable, but I don’t want a support request if they use a crossover.
Based on your advice - I suppose I better stick with the reference design as suggested by Wiznet…

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I am sure it is wise decision :slight_smile:

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