layout question regarding the reference schematic

Hello - I have a layout question regarding the reference schematic for W5500
Its a shame no PCB layout is provided…

Should I locate R1 R2 R3 / R6 R7 - near(er) the W5500 chip or the RJ45 socket? Which side do they ‘terminate’?
Where is it best to put C9 C10 - near(er) the W5500 chip or the RJ45 socket?

I’ll locate R21 to R24 near the W5500 - i think that’s obvious.

You can look in here into layout guide for W5100. Principles for W5500 are the same.

In my experience, most critical are:

  • crystal placing;
  • GND planes;
  • trace routing (shape, closeness of + and -, their length)

Regarding block A and B: I examined several PCBs with other chips (Intel) and they have relatively long traces between chip and magnetics, A and B located somewhere in the center of pathway. Thus your task would be just keep + and - traces as short as possible, as close to each other as possible, as mirrored as possible, and place these resistors/caps in the most convenient place.

Thanks - i didn’t know about this document.

But very odd…
The schematic for the W5100 has C3 to GND
W5500 schematic connects TX+ TX- via 49.9R to 3V3A.

Mmm. Very different… I hope its not a mistake… I’ll stick with the W5500 schematic.
It does hint termination goes near the RJ45. It just feels a bit counter intuitive as the driver is located in the chip…
Thanks for your help - time spent here is better spent chasing corruption errors later on…
I think I’ve mostly nailed to points you highlight. This is just the polish…
My tracks are short - but its a template for other products that may not be so lucky…

You MUST stick to schematic of the chip you use, in this case W5500. That document contains design guidelines in general, which are good to implement to minimize design issues.