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Change W7100 Chip For W107SR module

i’m using W107SR Module to send data from serial to Ethernet
suddenly the Rx pin was shorted to Ground , i think it was a mistake from me caused this pin to be shorted from inside the Chip
i have changed the on Board W7100 Chip(NAJTS-00001521) with another one (N9KH3-00001440)
the slide button of booting the software in 1 to but the on chip software
my question is
is the new W7100 chip is configured to work properly with the default ip of W107SR which is ?
or i need to reconfigure it by some way ?
if i need this why at the datatsheet of W7100 is written that it is Hardwired TCP/IP Protocols ?


Yes. WIZ107SR default setting ip is

If you correctly connection, displayed in the configuration tool.

W7100 is MCU(8051) + Hardwired TCP/IP Stack(Protocols).

refer to below link.


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Hi Mustafa,

What hardware revision WIZ107SR are you using?
The W7100 chip is applied to the old WIZ107SR Rev 1.1, and the W7100A chip is applied to Rev 1.4 which is currently in distribution. Please check this point.

The W7100A chip is a SoC with built-in TCP / IP stack logic. we called that TCP/IP stack logic is ‘Hardwired TCP/IP protocol stack’.

The chip is simply a MCU based on the 8051 core with Hardwired TCP/IP stack, and if you want to use it equally on the WIZ107SR, you should use the W7100A-S2E chip solution. The W7100A-S2E is a W7100A chip that is pre-programmed with the WIZ107SR module firmware.

The reasons why you should use the W7100A-S2E product are described in the following post.

Hi Eric & Edward
Thank you for your reply
my hardware version is 1.4 which has W7100A NAjTC-00001521 and i have replaced it with W7100A N9KH3-00001440
what did you mean by W7100A S2E ? is it another type that i should purchase ?
or my chip will work ?
note that i have installed my own network to detect the module on the configuration tool but it does not able to detect it
and i can’t even access it through serial mode

When you after purchase the W7100A chip, the internal flash memory is empty. (Naturally, the ‘serial to Ethernet’ firmware and MAC address are also not included.) Therefore, if you want the same operation as the existing WIZ107SR module after replacing the chip, you need to purchase the W7100A-S2E chip which contains the firmware of the WIZ107SR product.

Please contact to our distributor for W7100A-S2E pre-programmed chip.
Refer to the following link for more information of that product.


WIZnet does not warrant any problems that may arise when a customer is replacing components when using our module products. RMA request may be rejected if there is evidence of soldering on the product appearance or if electrical damage from user’s carelessness is identified.

I can’t purchase for now because budget issues
is there any way to program it by the .BIN Firmware file of the W107SR ? by any tool or by the Serial port ?

Please refer to the following in link:
Firmware writing steps, MAC address input method and W7100A-S2E production binary file included.

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Thank you for your Reply
another one question : Do i need to upload the data File ? or the code data is enough for the W7100A to be detected in the configuration tool and i will then change IP, Mask …etc ?

Code data is enough.

You can enter the MAC address by programming the production firmware binary on the chip using the WizISP program according to the steps in the posting I mentioned. After the MAC address is entered, the device settings are automatically set to factory default.

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can you kindly provide me with the .bin file i have to upload
i used the one at the post you mentioned above but it gives me this message

Oh, I should have mentioned the use of the WizISP program in advance, but I’m sorry to be late.
The file you used is correct and latest version firmware binary for WIZ107SR / W7100A-S2E.

For the W7100A chip with WizISP program, the result of ‘Verify’ may be inconsistent due to the specificity of the memory structure and is normal. so, please check only Step 1 ~ 3 of ‘Auto Task Selection’ menu and proceed with flash writing.

I am sorry to make you confused.

Thank you for your great help
i have used it and then ran the application but configuration tool still doesn’t able to detect it
i have even changed the MAC address by the tool and nothing happened
can you provide any advises ?

After you have set the firmware on the board, check to see if the ‘Input MAC address’ is printed via serial(UART).

At this time, you can enter the MAC address using WizMACTool mentioned in the previous post or you can type it directly in the following command format.


If the MAC address is input correctly, the network setting information output from the serial can be checked.

If the device is not detected on the network by configuration tool (search), please check the device serial output again.

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Thank You Very much for your great help
this is the best technical support i have ever dealt with
it works


Thank you.
I wish you a successful product development. :slight_smile:


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