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wiz550s2e Not Responding

I just got the module above and connected it via USB-UART 3.3v.

I have the serial port set for 115200 baud and auto LF after CR.

When I enter +++ I get the following [W,0] [S,0]

If I enter AT I get no response from the device.

Is there anything else I need to do?

I was using Putty and then switched to TeraTerm. With TeraTerm it appears working. Not sure why Putty was not. I thought I had the configuration correct…

Well … I think that some of your putty settings might have affected it.

Below is the screen I tested.
For carriage return and line feed, I used Ctrl+M, Ctrl+J, respectively. (And the Enter key is required to enter it because of the Local line editing feature)

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