WIZnet VSP is detected as Malware

I have the problem that the VSP.exe is detectet as ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen
so I thing this is a big problem when Wiznet Install Spyware on our Developing PC’s maybe there is an alternativ Software to Set the COM Ports for the using System??


Did you download from our Official page?

We tested with various vaccine programs installed. But it was not detected as Malware.

First, download it from the official website and install it again.
And, can you tell me what vaccine program you are using?

Hi Kei,
Yes I download it over the Offical page with the link on this site: www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiz145sr/
Than I get WIZVSP_v180_R.zip
and I also get the Serial Number per mail from You.
I using Avira Free Antivirus.
And also found this link: Malware scan of VSP.exe (WIZ VSP) 1d573093e76b8aa83144473c36e49f972cee7f3a - herdProtect

Hi Lord_Gismo,

I did not see the contents of the link you attached.
(HTTP 404 Not found / HTTP 502 Bad gateway at Cloudflare)
Could you tell me what it is?

And can you give us a screenshot that shows the WIZVSP program as malware in your antivirus? We will forward your inquiry to the WIZVSP program development team for a solution.

Hi Eric,

the link is from a Website where Wiznet VSP is listed as Malware I Attach you the Screenshots of the Website.

And I Attach a Screenshot of the Antivier Programm

Maybe It helps

Thank you for your help.
I’ll pass it on to the WIZVSP program development team and I’ll let you know the results at this post. :slight_smile:

We changed the category of this post to WIZVSP. :wink:

Thank you very much for the fast answer

Also here.
“F-secure PSB” (workstation security) detected it as Trojan.Generic.22110418

I downloaded it from official site and used your key…

So any new news about this problem ? Otherwise we can’t buy anymore of your products if we can’t trust your software!

I have the same problem! I downloaded WIZVSP_v180_R1.zip and I recieved serial key. The VSP.exe is infected with trojan horse Generik.CCGDCBB. Please help me!

Hi, your computer could be infected with malware by out of your browser

As a result, malware is not included in the WIZVSP program. You can use it with confidence.

We are looking for the cause and the solution of Antivirus judging our program as malware. And we will post the WIZVSP program in this forum as it is updated.

Hi, Windows Defender and ESET is detecting virus in WIZVSP on many computers. downloaded today from http://www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiz110sr/

@irina_kim Please post here checksum of installation file “WIZVSP_v180_R1.zip” (MD5 or SHA) to verify that file is not altered somewhere while it’s downloaded.

today I’ve got these checksums:

SHA: b36c1497dfdb60da40f33a41ed6eca647a74c32b *WIZVSP_v180_R1.zip
MD5: a30fc7e79a532d66c3ea7a7b475ac98a *WIZVSP_v180_R1.zip


A new version of WIZVSP has been registered that fixes malware misidentification issues.
The version of the new WIZVSP program is 1.9.0, and users of WIZnet S2E products can download it via the following link.

WIZVSP download link : wizvsp.wiznet.io

If you have problems downloading or using the program, please leave a post in our forum.

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I use wiznet 1.9.0 and Avecto detect this program as a trojan. We can not modificiant IT security in work PC. Can you help my please?
PS: I tried VSP on my own PC and with success but after 1 month windows blocked some part of VSP and now I can not create connection and old connections are blocking.

Hi, @Mistr.

The new version (v2.0.1) of WIZVSP program has been updated to below link.

Please use the latest version and test it.
Before installing the new version,
After deleting the existing version using ‘wizUnist’ and reboot the PC.

Thank you.