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WizFi310 error message

After connecting EVK to PC (via USB cable provided with EVK), I send AT message and receive echo AT and after that OK message. Then, when I send again I receive echo and [ERROR: INVALID INPUT]. After reset, I receive usual Wiznet info message. I also tried factory resetting (via appropriate button). It accepts it, but nothing changed. I have latest firmware version, downloaded via link you provided to me.

Any help ?

Just want to add that after many attempts, module continues to work, regularly. Still wonder what was the reason for such behavior.



I checked that you said, but there is no problem.

Would you mind adding the screenshot?

I attached the capture below.


I will soon work again with the module and if it persist I will provide screen shoot. Although it is as I wrote in mail, one more matter I noticed then. I tried to reboot firmware, when I noticed the behavior I told about and your software (firmware bootloader) reported “Something is wrong with the module, check …”. But at second attempt it doesn’t complain and booted the same (last) firmware correctly. However “AT behavior” persists for almost half an hour and later on it vanished. I worked than with the module for next hour and it was OK.
I suppose it could be some moisture at the board or dust …
Thank you for your support.


This is the snapshoot I told you about. Immediately after reset, as you can see



I guess there is space at the end of ‘AT$0d$0A’ like this 'AT$0d$0A '.

I recommand you do this without space.

If it is not work, let me know then !


Yes, that is the exact behavior when adding space at the end of command. Thanks for support. I am also interested if some firmware revision should be expected, regarding bugs we were writing about in our previous mails ? It is important to me for planing purposes.



First of all, I apology for late.

I tested that you said right before.

I sent a 43,382 bytes twice to WizFi310(operates as TSN command mode).
In this situation, the logs like these.

{1,,58540,1460} DATA_BYTES
{1,,58540,1500} DATA_BYTES
{1,,58540,1420} DATA_BYTES

It was devided about 1500 bytes.

I hope you it will be helpful.


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