WIZ108SR 9-bit serial data

In the WIZ108 SR description it is stated that you can set data bit length to 9. As my application needs it.
When I try to set the data bit value to 9 in configuration tool it comes with an error message : INVALIDPARAM:DB.
Do you have suggestions ? Firmware is v.4.06 . Other parameters changed will be saved with no problem. Do you
have a special FW for 9 bit serial ?

Sorry … The datasheet is incorrect.

Unfortunately, the 108SR does not implement 9bit data bits.

In addition, due to the internal circumstances of the company, additional code support is difficult.

Do you have to use 9bit?

I have updated the data sheet. I’m sorry we confused you.

My application is using 9 bit data word ( one normal byte and the 9th bit determines if it is an address or data) and the
transmission speed is 230400 bps. Do you think that for 9 bit operation only the Configuration tool needs to be modified
( I’ve noticed that the config tool comes with the source code ) . Does the firmware for W7100 needs to be modified ?
Thanks, Mike

Also : is there an older FW that worked with 9 bit data word ? I am very interested in this and it would open the door for a
lot of usages for WIZ108SR . Thanks again, Mike

ConfigTool does not need to be changed.
Rather, it is necessary to change F/W.

At your request, I looked past firmware.
Unfortunately, the old firmware did not support 9bit. “Not Support” is commented …

I have checked 9bit support in other products, but unfortunately there is no product that supports 9bit.

I looked at the W7100 programming guide and it says that the UART has a Mode 3 in which the data word is 9 bit and the
data rate can be customized at around 560 kbps ( needed by my application ). Therefore I think the FW can be modified.
Do you have the source code for the WIZ108SR firmware ? I can try to modify it to see if it works for my parameters. Thanks, Mike

Did you check the UART document in the Application Note?
I checked the contents now.

As a company principle, it is not possible to provide the firmware of the module to the customer.
Please contact us directly at support@wiznet.io with the following information:

  • Your Company Name
  • Products Used and Production

BR, kei.

There is only application note v.1.0 which has 4 pages and no mention of the UART. What is the AN that you refer to ?

And , yes I will send an email to support@wiznet.io with my details.

Tnx, Mike

Is not that the W7100A guide?

Anyway, I checked that your email was received.
Answers will follow after discussing internally.

Hi Kei,
Do you have any news for me ? Did you talk to your colleagues about my request ?

Thanks, Mike

I’m sorry for late reply.

We have sent an email regarding our topic, so please check and reply.

I did sent you what was requested in the email two days ago. Did you receive it ? Thanks, Mike

I responded to the email you sent to support@wiznet.io.

I sent an attachment with a firmware file, did not receive the mail?

Hi Kei,

I did not receive any email with any attachment from you. Maybe you can resend it to me please.

Thanks, Mike Voiculescu

Could you send me your e-mail address in the Discource forum message, because the e-mail address might be wrong?

Yes, but I received emails from you with NDA attachments on both addresses.
My emails : mihai.voiculescu@turner.com and mvoiculescu@verizon.net

I have retransmitted to you.
Please check and let me know :slight_smile:

I am sorry I did not receive anything. I don’t know what might happen.
Maybe you have to change the file extension ?
Thanks, Mike

The zip file extension appears to be a problem.
I have emailed you again so please check.