How to use http client with W5100


I want to use http client with W5100.

I found ioLibrary which includes drivers and application protocol libraries
GitHub - Wiznet/ioLibrary_Driver: ioLibrary_Driver can be used for the application design of WIZnet TCP/IP chips as W5500, W5300, W5200, W5100 W5100S.

But, it does not support http client.

Do I have to implement it myself?

Please let me know if you have the solution.

Hi mngz,

Generally, The implementation of the HTTP client generates and sends data according to the HTTP protocol format(HTTP request), and receives the response from server(HTTP response).

It is difficult to provide a generalized HTTP client example because the type of HTTP request packet to be generated depends on the characteristics of the server side.

I personally implemented HTTP client code was uploaded to the my Github branch. This code was implemented for the W7500 MCU, but I expect it to work with the W5500 chip as well.

When implementing with W5100 chip, socket related functions may need to be modified.

Please refer to the three files in the following link.

  • main.c
  • httpClient.c / h

Thank you for your response.

I also found the W7500 client source and I have implemented it.

If there is a problem, I will ask again.

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I am having a problem with the library with the wiznet 5100.

I get a bad request when sending with the library:

mngz can you tell me what you changed in the library ?

HI Eric:
Is there any much cleaner Http client example for W5500?
many thanks

I also would like to know. Any further info here?