Need Help with configure WIZ550IO to work with LabView and MForce MicroDrive


New to use WIZ550IO network module. Currently having issues to establish communication between devices.

My goal is to use LabView TCP/IP to control a MForce MicroDrive Motor through WIZ550IO SPI

P/N of MicroDrive is: MFM1FSD17N4

Information about the MicroDrive can be found here:

The MicroDrive uses SPI protocol. WIZ550IO has passed PING test in command prompt with default IP address:

I have done the wiring as following between microdrive and wiznet device:
3. CLK to SCLK (SPI clock input)
4. CS to SCSn (chip select for SPI bus)

Eventually I could not get any communication established. I’m not confident with wire connections as well.

Any help would be so much appreciated.

Thanks ahead!


What is the main MCU?

Is the MForce MicroDrive Motor and WIZ55io used directly connected?

In the attached data, MForce MicroDrive Motor is just a driver.

Separately, I think you need a control MCU.

For example, if you put the MCU between WIZ550io and MForce MicroDrive Motor and control it with SPI.

Thank you



Thanks for taking your time.

MForce MicroDrive is indeed a driver, which sends signal to an actual stepping motor from the same factory.

I did connect WIZ550io directly to one of the ports on the MicroDrive, which obviously didn’t work out.

If a controlling MCU unit could be a solution to this case, what MCU would you recommend to be connected between WIZ550io and MicroDrive?

And for the connections I am trying to accomplish, between the MicroDrive and WIZ550io, which one would be a master device over another slave device?



There are two opinions.

  1. If you are using WIZ550io, you need an MCU capable of two SPI communication.
  2. Use the W7500 or W7500P module.

If WIZ550io must be used, the MCU must have two SPI functions.
The MCU can be anything. ex) cortex series.

W7500 or W7500P module is a module with built-in MCU + TCP / IP Stack + PHY. Typically, there are WIZwiki-W7500 and WIZwiki-W7500P.

Please refer to the picture below. The picture below is the two ways I mentioned above.

Thank you

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Given the datasheet from Wiznet, I’m aware of its default IP address is

Is there way I can find what the default port number is on WIZ550io is ?


Read the SIPR Register of the W5500.

You can check the code in Iolibrary.

There is a SIPR register code for the W5500 in the library. (link below)

Thank you