WIZ1000 send data to RS232, but cannot receive nothing



I configured it and tested in TCP Client / TCP server / UDP mode using Hercules.
Now I have it in the Mixed mode.

1.) Serial parameters are 115200 E71 - conn to PLC.

Client mode:
I connect to w1000 ip address:5000 and I can send data to PLC and it received it.PLC surely answers but I don’t see this data in client window.

Server mode:
I started server on laptop port 5001. This is entered also to config tool. I can send data to device, but I don’t see the reply.

2.) Same serial parameters - serial terminal instead of PLC:

If I connect RS232 terminal instead of PLC, same baud rate, then I see the data I sent from ethernet TCP client via w1000 to RS232.
Also if I type answer to RS232 terminal, now I see those data on my TCP client window!
Why don’t I see them when PLC anwers? Timing??? PLC answers very quick!

For server mode:
Using serial terminal instead of device I see that in server mode RS232 device must establish connection via w1000 to the external TCP server first. After connection is made, then I can send data. Problem is that my PLC doesn’t send nothing first!

For client mode:
I should see the data, because I established contact from PC client first.

Can You help? Firmware 1.6. Any new firmware? iz w1000 is my laptop with Hercules


WiZ1000 doesn’t control handshake lines on RS232 connector. And my PLC doesn’t respond back if DTR is not asserted - positive.

What I can measure is that from handshake signals only pin 7 - RTS is active on WIZ1000, and it is always negative voltage. DTR pin 4 is always 0V which means not connected.

I tried WizVSP (connect serial port to remote host - client) to force signal lines and it doesn’t help even if I change the settings on Signal lines tab. My RTS is always low, and DTR is not connected - it’s 0V.

I use external DC voltage to assert DTR high to PLC, so now PLC answers.


Great! :slight_smile: