Wiznet550se2 TX and RX route Impedance


I can’t find any impedance information for nodes; TX_N, TX_P, TX1_P, TX1_N and RX_N, RX_P, RX1_P, RX1_N in wiznet550se2 reference schematic design. wiz550s2e reference schematic

Could you please provide me a proper impedance spec for these tracks if there is one?

Thank you in advance,



What impedance information do you want?

The line must consist of 50R lines.
And because it is a differencial signal, the trace must match.
The circuit diagram includes an impedance matching circuit. (Circuit below)

Let the trace between W5500 and magnetic as short as possible, and keep the TX +/- (same as RX +/-) signal traces to be symmetry. The traces should not be too long and 12cm will be the maximum length of the path.

Thank you.